The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us all hard across the industries. Be it manufacturing, aviation or education, every industry faced the brunt of the pandemic with a force once governments around the globes started enforcing complete lockdowns and restricting social interactions.

Of all the industries, the hospitality industry took the strongest brunt as travel restrictions were enforced and tourism was reduced to almost zero for the first few months of the pandemic. There were no cross country flights and a lot of people were forcibly stuck outside their countries once the flight operations were halted. Restaurants were initially completely shut down and later were only allowed for take away services.

All in all the dynamics of the hospitality industry completely changed and even as the lockdowns are starting to lift and travel bans are being eased around the world with people beginning to make good memories of what little is left in the 2020, the norms in the hospitality industry have completely reshaped.

Here’s a brief overview of the new practices and norms of the hospitality industry following the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Social Distancing in Bars, Restaurants & On Flights: As the world slowly opens after the pandemic and with a possible fear of the second wave of the Corona Virus hitting countries far and wide, hotels, restaurants and airlines are adopting strict social distancing protocols. Most flights now operate at 1/3rd of their total capacity ensuring a 2 seat distance between people. Similarly, restaurants, clubs and bars, as well as supermarkets and stores, have all enforced social distancing protocols allowing only a limited number of people inside at a time that too seated at a considerable distance.
  • Strict Screening & Sanitization Protocols: While hand sanitizers were usually seen upon as a luxury or flamboyant accessory in a girls’ hand bag in the pre-pandemic era, now it they have become a total norm. Hospitality industry has invested the most in introducing strict screening protocols for every guest and ensuring hand sanitization for every person who enters a flight, hotel or a restaurant. Additionally, even though the industry was always known for its high standards of cleanliness and healthy environments, the post pandemic era has furthered their need to an even safer and hygienic environment, leading to increased stakes of commercial cleaning companies in the hospitality industry.
  • Greater Takeaway & Delivery Orders: Who doesn’t like dining out or ordering in? In a pre-pandemic world, a stroll around to the nearest café or a drive to that special eatery was the best solution to an exhausting day at work. Post pandemic, dining is no longer a very viable option and a lot of restaurants have either completely shut down dining in experience even with the lockdown lifting or are majorly dependent on deliveries and takeaways. Contact free delivery services and doorstep deliveries have increased in frequency and more and more people are ordering in and choosing not to dine out even where the dining in options are available.
  • Masks are the new Norms: From a time where hiding your face was considered illegal in a lot of countries to a time where not covering your face and nose can land you in jail, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot of norms. Masks have become a new norm and almost everyone in urban households worldwide now has masks. Clothing brands have even introduced customized or digitally printed masks. Be it a restaurant, hotel or a bar, despite social distancing, you can no longer enter the premises without wearing a mask.