A great recipe to impress your family and friends is to cook crispy pork belly. If you are not a professional, you don’t need to worry since pork belly is easy for everybody, even if you consider yourself a disaster in the kitchen. Generally, the recipes are cheap, but you have to be patient while making pork belly. It will get the best look and taste if you cook them on low flame, for a long time. This process may take a longer time than any other conventional recipes if you don’t have proper tools and appliances like an air fryer. There are different ways to cook pork belly, and you can choose the ones that meet your taste and your family’s.

Mix the Pork with Some Cabbage and Mustard

If you want to make your pork belly recipe crispy, you can choose cabbage as one of the main ingredients. Most of the time, cabbages are quite crunchy, and they will give you a crispy texture for your recipe. If you want a good crackling experience then you can put some salt on the skin of the pork. You have to keep it overnight to let it dry. In this way, the meat will get a fluffy look and crisp.

Roast It with Some Potatoes

It is an Italian way to make pork belly crispy. If you cook it at a high temperature with some potatoes without excess oil, it will be crispy. You can also make it a little tender by adding some milk while roasting. In case you don’t want the smoky flavour in your recipe then you can choose some good quality air fryers in the payday deals.

Add Spices for a Chinese Recipe

The famous Chinese recipe requires the use of sriracha. If you add them to your pork belly recipe then it will become a little spicy and crispy. You can consider eating it with some noodles or buns to give it a Chinese touch.

Cook It with Some Jalapenos and Corn

You can choose the slow cooking method. Pork belly along with some corn and jalapenos is delicious. There is a high chance that it will be crispy. The corn will create the crisp texture and the jalapenos will give a spicy tinge in the taste.

Glaze It with Chili Marmalade

According to some continental recipes, you can glaze pork belly with chili marmalade. This is the best way to make it crispy and spicy at the same time.

Rub Some Fennel

Rubbing some fennel on the pork belly while roasting is a very good idea to make it crispy. It will create a crunchy coating. That kind of coating is generally for the people who like to eat the pork belly crispy and crunchy.

Cook It Twice

If you don’t know how to make the pork belly crispy then you can simply cook it twice. First, you have to make it tender with all the flavors. After that, you can cook it again to give it the crisp. It is a very common Chinese way, but at the same time easy to make your pork crispy.

Make Some Ramen

If you like your pork belly to be spicy then you can eat it with ramen. In case you want the meat to be crispy, you should keep it separate from the ramen noodle and eat it as a side dish.

Use Brine

In this process, you need to create a brine beforehand. After that, you just have to brush the brine on the pork belly and roast it on a slow flame. The brine will give it a glaze and good texture. On the other hand, the slow cooking process will create the crisp.

Mix It with Hasselback Potatoes

The Hasselback potatoes have a different texture on the skin. That is the reason why these potatoes are crisp. You can use it to make your crispy pork belly recipe. It will also be a very good idea to make your food more colorful.

Add As Many Greens as Possible

Green vegetables are always good for any type of recipe. They add a healthy touch to all your recipes. If you want to cook the best quality pork belly, then you should choose the green vegetables according to the crunchy texture. Then you can roast them together to make a dish.

Add Apricots

Apricots are famous for their crunchy texture. So if you add apricots in your pork belly recipe while roasting it then it will definitely give it a great crisp. Sure is not a common recipe, but the taste is deliciuos. You should know that the taste will be sweet. If you don’t want your special food to be spicy then this is the perfect combination for you.

Use Caramel Sauce

Caramel sauce is always crunchy after it dries out. If you glaze your pork bellies with caramel sauce then the texture will be crunchy. If you want to make a dessert with pork then this recipe is a very good idea.

Cook It with Lentils

The braised lentils will always give a crunchy texture to your pork belly. So it is a great way to make your recipe crunchy. It is also quite famous in so many pubs as a comfortable food item.

These are some recipes that can be a very good idea for your next pork belly dish. If you want to make a crispy pork belly recipe then these are the ways to do it. We all know that pork is always tasty and everybody loved it. If you add more spice to it then the recipe will go to another level.