If you are planning for a wedding event, you have to think about your reception and bouquet arrangement. The first important thing you have to think about is the food to provide to the guests in your event. Playful desert stations and traditional tradition reception settings are some of the trends to expect in 2019. If you are planning for a wedding, you might need to consider new ideas to make the whole event memorable. By tapping the minds of the industry experts, we have managed to gather some of the new food trends for weddings that you should expect to hit the serving trays throughout the year.

–          Elevated food presentation

After many years of witnessing unconventional food presentation at weddings, we are now witnessing trends towards the traditional plated experience with advanced service. The industry has continued to develop new exciting and innovative ways of integrating beverages and foods into weddings, there are nostalgia and appetite for the formal dinner services.

–          People will get playful with their desert stations

People in Melbourne should expect more dessert options at weddings. Among the food, trends is a long desert station with many seasonally inspired food offerings. Some couples are including seasonal donuts on their cake decorations as a way of integrating some other dessert table options into the elegant playful designs.

–          People are opting for the substitutes

Dietary lifestyles are now becoming common. Whether it is gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, paleo or keto, people are asking chefs to include them in their wedding food offerings. In 2019, people will create seamlessly modified menu items because they are more delicious and allow creativity in the presentation. Some of the favourite foods include gluten-free Artisan Vegetable Sushi and vegan vegetables made with quinoa and pickled beets, brown rice, cucumbers, and squash.

–          People will pay homage to their hometown

This is among the trends that will last for long. People are now honoring their regions, cities and family heritage when creating their menus. Whether you are planning to celebrate southern customs or China traditions in Melbourne, marrying customs into your wedding menu is easy. A custom message in your cookies, Baijiu or congee served with Carolina Gold rice will be a good alternative to consider when merging your heritages through food offerings.

–          Bar setting

In addition to event venue hire in Melbourne, one of the commonest trends that will continue in the year 2019 is the “Roaming Food Bars”. Roaming food bars provide both stationery buffet selection in addition to interactive quality. One of the greatest options for guests is specific food restrictions. When planning your wedding, you might need to play with some ideas like vegetarian ceviche ideas, which feature composed vegetables loaded with fun toppings like plantain ribbons, gooseberries, and spiced pepita seeds.

Lastly, couples will start providing guests with easier takeaway options for deserts. For example, a colorful spread featuring several sweet offerings that guest could easily grab when walking to the dancing floor is a great choice. Fork-free food options are also a great option when creating displays of grab-and-go foods. Be ready for more inspiring food trends as the year continues.