The whole idea of leading a simplified and uncluttered life sounds more attractive to many people. These people seem to have discovered the great benefits of living happily and comfortably with fewer possessions. This means they don’t have to worry about cleaning, accumulating debts, disorganization, stress and money to help them manage their possessions. But how do they even start this process of decluttering their homes? If you are in that category of those who looking to declutter to their homes, you should find a possible answer to this question by considering the following creative ways you can declutter your home and your life at the same time.

Set Your Goals

The first step is to set your goals by making a proper plan. Starting with some specific goals will definitely help you in creating a good plan that will guide you as you go along. Once the plan is ready, you will need to consider a few things when decluttering your home. These are:

  • Write down or prepare a detailed map of all rooms in your house as well as the clutter spots to be tackled.
  • Grade each space based on the amount of clutter it needs
  • Be systematic, doing one room at a time
  • Set the completion date-lines for each phase of the clean up.
  • Take a little more time on those spots that need more decluttering

Have a Sorting System

You will need to create a working sorting system to help you sort out your items as you move from room to room. You can come up with your own method or make use of the popular organizational tips such as “Three-Box Method” or the “Four-Box Method”. The methods will guide you in sorting item by item to minimize making obvious mistakes.

Get Rid of Your Clutter

By this time, you will be having a few options left for disposing of unwanted items from your list. You can start with recycled items such as glass, papers and plastics by going straight to the recycling bin. Secondly, you can donate what you no longer need to charities or to those who in need. Items such as clothes, shoes or any other household items can be given out to your friends or your local charities. Or you can decide to make some little cash from your clutter through the garage sales in your neighbourhood. Finally, you can rent a dumpster especially if you are planning to get rid of bulky household items.

Use your imagination

You are hereby encouraged to use your imagination when it comes to decluttering your home and your life, this is according to Psychology Today. Your imagination can guide you in decluttering objects or items that might seem difficult to get rid of. Such creative techniques can prove to be effective for those experiencing difficulties in removing unwanted clutter.

When you declutter your home, you stand a good chance of leading a stress-free life. Therefore, you can decide to declutter your home on your own or reach out to professionals to help in performing that task. If you are in Australia, you can easily search For cheap rubbish removal services in Melbourne or Jim’s skip bins to be your number one choice whenever you want to declutter your home. Take advantage of their services and declutter your life.