If you are visiting Australia this year then get ready for some great tourist experience. You will get a chance to visit some extraordinary tourist attractions all over the country.

If you are lucky enough to plan holidays in Melbourne then you will have the chance to trick you taste palate with exotic cuisine. You will find small local restaurants beside the street and even Melbourne private & fine dining restaurants. If you are a food lover then this is the city to be in, try out different restaurants to taste the fusion of cuisines that you haven’t tasted before. In case you are a night person then you do have a chance to enjoy the late night food in Melbourne.

Here are a few of the most famous restaurants in Melbourne that should be on yourto-do list on your holidays.


The attic is one of the most popular restaurants in Melbourne. If you are a tourist and want to try out some exotic taste of Australian food then you must visit the Attic. The 17-course menu will provide you enough dishes to try out a variety of flavours within a few dishes. You can order the complex pearl meat grilled in paperbark with quandong to the simplest appetizer Happy Little Vegemite roll. You will have the privilege of trying out some world’s finest food. Have an extremely pleasant and luxurious experience of dining in the Attic.

Cutler & Co

Having a grand presence at Gertrude Street a decade ago, Cutler & Co still looks like a brand new restaurant in town. The exuberant and fresh ambiance will give you comfort after you have spent your entire day exploring Melbourne. The complex menu of full of European and Japanese fusion on a single platter is something that you haven’t tasted before. Pan fried fresh meat with cucumber and honeydew topped with koji sauce and enjoy the wide range of aged wine at the bar corner. You will never forget the taste of these dishes all your life.

Bar Liberty

Not in a mood of fine dining? It’s absolutely okay. Visit the Bar Liberty to enjoy drinks and snacks. This bar has been serving guests for 3 years now and it has a long way to go. There slow-cooked short rib is a must try and you will regret if you miss out the shallots topped with perfectly caramelized onions and Dijon mustard sauce. Dance with your friends and enjoy the nightlife of Melbourne and if you are alone you can share drinks with locals as they are always happy to see tourists.

You will easily find romantic restaurants everywhere around Melbourne. You will have plenty of time to discover local cuisine as well as international fusion. Hope you carry out the map and melbourne restaurant guide so you don’t get lost in the beauty of this city and experience a food coma.